As a kid, Dave’s favorite toy by far was his tape recorder. He would record a crazy amount of voices and make crank calls to entertain himself and his friends. Without even knowing it, Dave was laying the groundwork for his future. Not of becoming a professional crank caller, but using his voice to make a living.

After years of working 9-5, it was clear that his talent for impersonating celebrities, work associates and superiors was not always appreciated. After being reprimanded for impersonating his boss on several occasions, Dave decided that it was time to move onward and upward to pursue his passion. Dave enrolled in several classes to harness his voiceover and acting skills. One of which was the first ever scholarship to Patrick Fraley’s Creating Characters for Animation workshop. Dave flew from Phoenix to LA for six consecutive Tuesdays to learn from one of the best. Next, Dave went into the studio to apply his newly learned skills and recorded his first ever voiceover demo. He submitted to a local talent agency in Arizona and got signed the next day. Two years later in 1996, Dave felt that he had maxed out his VO career in AZ and set his sights on LA to play with the big boys.

Dave’s versatile vocal abilities landed him representation at one of LA’s biggest talent agencies before he had even unpacked. “Yea, I move to LA and a friend of mine talks me into letting her take my old demo to her talent agency. I wasn’t even ready. Two days later they called me in for a meeting and offered me representation. I was like, you’ve gotta be frickin’ kidding me.”

Today, Dave is enjoying success in virtually every facet of the voiceover industry. Including the irony of booking jobs using his former boss’s voice…

Dave’s commercial campaigns include American Express, HP, Hefty One Zip, Sears Craftsman, De Beers, Disneyland and Washington Apples to name a few. He’s worked on many different animated projects including Seth Macfarlane’s Calvalcade of Cartoon Comedy, T.M.N.T., Cat Tale, Duck Dodgers, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and Invader Zim. He has loaned his voice to some of the most successful video games of all time, including Resistance 2, Diablo 3, Call of Duty 3, SOCOM 2 & 3, Final Fantasy VII, and Jade Empire. His sound alike skills keep him very busy seamlessly filling in on Film, Trailer and when celebrities aren’t available.
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